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Introduction :  - Welcome
 - What is a Free-Electron Laser?
 - What for ?
Research topics :
 - A few recent topics
 - Publications
Set-up & performances :  - Accelerator
 - Laser
Experimental rooms:  - Diagnostics room
 - AFMIR-PTIR Microscopy
 - Sum-frequency generation
 - FT-ICR spectrometry
 - Development
CLIO beamtime:  - Ask for CLIO beamtime
 - Refunding
Table top lasers:  - Forms
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 -  Free-electrons lasers around the world
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Table top lasers

  As described in the chapter "experimental rooms", it is possible to run experiments with table top lasers, i.e. without the FEL, in the following experimental rooms:
  • AFMIR-PTIR set-up (experimental room E8),
  • Sum-frequency generation set-up (experimental rooms E3 & E6),
  • FT-ICR set-up (experimental rooms E9 & E10).
To run experiments with these set-ups, you can contact directly the scientist in charge of the set-up you are interested in (see the page Who?).  

You do not need to submit any CLIO project (experimental proposal form). However, the Accueil CLIO will ask you to fill in these documents as soon as possible before your arrival at CLIO:
  • CLIO facilities usage guidelines
  • Experimental safety sheet
  • Medical certificate, to create your access badges.
For more details on this subject, please contact the Accueil CLIO and consult the page "Ask for CLIO beamtime, Accepted projects".

Consult then the page "Refunding".

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